Digit DEFENDER™ is Easy to Install – Peel, Place, and Stick

Digit DEFENDER™ fits interior, single-hung doors with conventional door frames.

Digit DEFENDER works on doors that open to the left or to the right. When placing it on the door, make sure the lever will hit the door jamb – that’s how it creates space and saves fingers.

  1. Peel paper off the adhesive backing
  2. Place on door so the lever hits the door jamb
  3. Stick the Digit DEFENDER to the door


Digit DEFENDER™ Detailed Installation Instructions

  1. Determine if the Digit DEFENDER will be used on the right or left side of the door and orient in the proper direction.
  2. Using a coin, turn the center adjuster so the lever is midway between the furthest in and furthest out position.
  3. Select a convenient height above the doorknob, out of small children’s reach.
  4. Use a square object, such as a CD case and a light pencil, to make a horizontal mark on the door.
  5. Open the door 3-4 inches, peel the backing off the tape, align the bottom edge of the Digit DEFENDER with the horizontal mark, place the tip of the lever in the crevice of the door jamb, close the door against the Digit DEFENDER, and press it firmly against the door.
  6. Using a coin, turn the center adjuster to obtain maximum contact with the door jamb, without binding.
  7. Lift the lever, close the door, open the door, re-close, and check for proper operation.
  8. Periodically (seasonally is recommended due to door frames shifting) check the alignment and operation of the Digit DEFENDER; adjust if needed.